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I’ve been seeing Kristina for massage for a couple of years now and she has been amazing, so when the opportunity came up to work with Kristina on my mind as well as body using NLP/Hypnotherapy, I did not hesitate. When we started the therapy, I was confused. I did not know what to do with my life, my relationships were wrought with conflict and I felt depressed. Since working through the processes in our sessions, I’ve been more focused, energetic and decisive. I’ve made decisions to change my career and to relocate to another country. My relationships with others improved so much so that I am actually moving in with my sister, with whom I had not seen eye to eye for years. Overall, I am much calmer, less angry and my communication skills have improved enormously. I feel better about myself, my life and am now depression free. I am excited to see what will our future sessions bring. I cannot recommend Kristina as NLP/Hypnotherapy practitioner enough. It’s been life changing experience.


Gergana, nail technician

My experience of taking part in NLP sessions with Kristina was a good one. Kristina showed me the benefits that NLP can bring. She was patient and really took the time to understand me and the particular issue I was facing or hadn't yet dealt with. I felt very comfortable undergoing NLP sessions with her and will look to continue seeing her if I decide to seek out any additional sessions. I can't recommend her enough!.


Pegah -- Free Lancer

Kristina came to our home and did a couples course for myself and partner. Not only was it an enjoyable session, it was very valuable in understanding each other's needs. Kristina was patient, informative and insightful in her teaching. She has an excellent knack of being able to find tense parts of the body & advise the best way to tackle them. She did this with clear explanation and a good sense of humour too! This has allowed us to use the techniques we learnt & keep our bodies in a healthy condition.


Richard - Student

I have suffered from lower back pain for years and have tried many different so-called solutions, none has worked. That all changed once I received my first deep tissue and hot stone massage from Kristina, with such a warm and friendly manner I instantly felt relaxed and her confidence in her diagnoses meant that I knew she could help me out with my back issue. Her extensive knowledge of oils is very impressive. She applied the right amount of pressure throughout my massage and really got into the problems areas, I must say that I felt great afterwards, The aftercare is superb as I was told what areas to stretch daily to help my back issue improve. I definitely look forward to more sessions as the benefits were immediately obvious. I can confidently say that I’m in good hands with Kristina, I can't recommend her enough.


Humberto - Open Reach/ CEO at Galaxy Pulse

There are few words which adequately sum up how important massage from Kristina has been to me during my pregnancy. I have been seeing her either fortnightly or weekly from around week 20 onwards and I absolutely credit this, alongside acupuncture, with how well I feel. I initially booked one massage to help with relaxation and some back ache, and I immediately booked a package once the massage had ended! She put me at ease from the outset because of her knowledge, particularly of the oils to use, and warmth of personality. Indeed, almost always she could tell what she should focus on that day, whether sore hips, relaxation, trouble sleeping, puffy ankles, without my needing to explain how I was feeling to her! After each massage I left with a deep sense of lightness and relaxation, already counting down until my next massage. The pressure she applied was always appropriate and she took time to explain the oils she used, which I felt she chose in conjunction with my likes and dislikes of scents (pregnancy-friendly, of course!). I really cannot recommend her highly enough and I know I shall be returning to her in the future.


Rebecca - Teacher

"Kristina is one of those rare people with an excellent work ethic and a big passion for what she is doing. She is very skilled in helping me feel better and to overcome injures. Her energy is healing. It has healthy effect on the body, mind, spirit and soul. Kristina is very knowledgeable about massage therapy. She gives a great massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic. I have experienced improvements in my overall well-being already after the first massage. I cannot wait for my next session. Kristina is ideal for my key areas that cause tension as well as she is the best massage therapist in helping naturally heal pain and stress from chronic injures. She loves her massage and I love her."


Jalya - Belly dancing teacher and performer

"I have been receiving treatment for a number of months from Kristina, she has proven herself to be an exceptional masseuse, treating not only my back aches but also deep muscle problems in my legs and shoulders. Her massages ease these muscles and leave me in a far more mobile and relaxed state.
Her abilities and dedication to her treatment have made me become a regular visitor and I feel spoiled after every visit, whether it is back or full body treatment. Her recent course in the use of hot and cold stones, have added another dimension to the massage and which I am impressed with on every visit and feel even more relaxed!!"


Ceri - Police sergeant

Kristina has magic hands, and such a good energy! She is passionate about her job, resulting in a very confident and knowledgeable professional. The holistic approach makes you feel you're literally in good hands. The combination of hot stones and aromatherapy brings a high level of relaxation, allowing Kristina going deep into the muscles afterwards, getting rid of the knots and tension.

I feel great after her treatment and I can't wait for the next one! 


Schay - Massage Therapist

Kristina is hands down the BEST Massage Therapist I’ve ever experienced. As soon as you meet her you’ll notice her friendly warmth and the way she smiles with her eyes which all makes you feel as though you can relax in safe hands. I've never had such a talented and intuitive Masseuse work on me before until I started going to Kristina & now I’m a staple client :) Kristina has a very calming energy about her & has the ability to sense my emotions just by noticing the level of tension I may be (subconsciously) carrying in my body, it’s so sweet the way she remembers the minute details about each & every one of her clients & is really good at picking up exactly where she left off each session. Kristina is also really great at giving lifestyle tips and progress feedback, keeping the dialogue open when needed so that I’m always aware of how I’m gradually improving. If you want to treat yourself to a real sense of luxury, I highly recommend Kristina’s combination Hot Stone & Aromatherapy massage for at least 90 mins, you’ll come out floating & feeling amazing afterwards!


Rachel - Receptionist

Kristina is the best deep tissue therapist I've ever had. She combines aromatherapy depending on my emotional state on the day, with hot stones and deep tissue massage which makes it a very enjoyable deep and complete experience. Kristina is also very friendly and understanding, and when you have a massage with her, it's much more than a massage. You can relax, talk and be deeply and compassionately listened too as well. I'm now going once a week and wholeheartedly recommend Kristina.


Peggy - Managing director

Kristina gives massage that is tailored to the individual. She is highly competent and well as particularly skilled in ironing out the 'knots' without causing unnecessary pain. A deep tissue session with Kristina leaves you feeling relaxed, healed and even cherished.


Danielle - Homeopath

I was gifted with a Pregnancy massage voucher to see Kristina. During the consultation she listened attentively & I felt trusting of her straight away. It was so amazing I fell asleep during because the pregnancy pillows were so comfy! 

Kristina applied the perfect amount of pressure throughout & left me with some really good pregnancy tips and aftercare advice. I came out feeling so zoned out and relaxed. I loved it so much that I had booked a follow up massage straight away.


Dita - Maternity leave

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