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Your way towards enjoying motherhood

Experience of being a mother should be wonderful. At least, that is what we hear daily starting from the moment we fall pregnant, that is the image perpetuated by social media. Unfortunately, no one warns you there's another side to motherhood, stress and anxiety, uncertainty and sometimes loneliness. 

I myself have struggled with the darker side of motherhood, losing the feeling of "normality" and ability to enjoy the gift I possessed. I am since committed to help new mothers to regain confidence and enjoy motherhood.

As a qualified therapist I am helping to resolve problems like: 

Post-natal depression/Anxiety or baby blues 
Identity crisis (Loosing your identity) 
Confidence problem 
Parental stress

Loneliness and disconnect


Tools that I use in my practice

Person Centred Integrative NLP and Hypnotherapy

Wellbeing coaching

Mindfulness Practice 



I am still currently on maternity leave and therefore work with very reduced number of clients, I am on a lookout for case studies for my Masters in PCINLP/Hypnotherapy, so if you are interested in sessions for donations, do give me a call.

I am also going to change the way I work in the near future, so stay tuned.


I am now running a blog on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram called Bump Into The Unkown, where I share my experiences as a mother throughout the pregancy and beyond, as well as helpful tips and tricks. So have a look, subscribe and give us a like.

The Serenity Prayer

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