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KMM Serenity Therapies founded by Kristina Mendez Matejova and based in Highgate Holistic clinic, 253 Archway Road, Highgate, London, UK offers Person Centred Integrative NLP and Hypnotherapy as well as it brings together Holistic Massage, Deep tissue, Hot stones and Aromatherapy into a synergy of a treatment to suit client's individual needs, which aims to fight the negative effects of stress by relaxing the body through gentle yet firm touch; to remove the persistent aches and pains caused by tensions, nodules and crystal deposits in the muscles; and to improve overall health by stimulating the lymphatic system. We also offer treatments for pregnancy and post -natal care.


How can NLP/Hypnotherapy help you? Through my experiences as a therapist and a client, I had learned that most of our physiological problems have a cause within our mind, our past traumas, present anxieties, our limiting beliefs and our current perception of our reality. NLP/hypnotherapy can help to heal and change all that and free you to live the life you want, as well as to equip you with skills and tools necessary to create and maintain healthy balanced lifestyle.


We also offer non-acredited massage courses for people who wish to learn how to massage their loved ones without having to qualify as a therapist, for qualified therapist who wish to increase their confidence and learn effective deep tissue massage techniques and for therapist who are about to qualify and need extra help and advice before taking the exam.


For extra support, personalised advice and discounts you can join our membership scheme.


Our services are designed not simply to provide therapeutic healing but also to deliver preventative measures to maintain your wellbeing and increase your performance levels. KMM Serenity Therapies use a sophisticated combination of modern and traditional techniques to provide you with the best in personalised treatment. Check out our website and Facebook page to learn more about us. You can also find us on Youtube under Kristina Mendez Matejova

So, if you are in the area of Highgate, Crouch End, Finchley, Archway, Muswell Hill, Hampstead, Camden or Barnet, pop in, drop an email or give us a call to see how can I help you. Just click on the highlighted names for directions.

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Lots of clients are using the opportunity to save on my massage treatments by buying my 5+1 packages. Why don't you join them and enjoy one treatment for free when paying for five ahead.


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