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Often when I am in need of a specific guided meditation to help with anxiety, sleep, lack of energy, lack of focus etc, I tend struggle to find something that really resonates with me, that is not an hour long and that does the job. I therefore decided to create my own. 

These meditations are meant to be quick fixes to get you through a sticky moment, not a cure for all. If you have reocurring problems, feel anxious, depressed or overwhelmed, it is better to seek help from a therapist, helpline or a friend.

Please enjoy these short videos and do leave me feedback!




Mindfulness meditation to reduce Anxiety

Mindfulness Meditation for Grounding yourself

Mindfulness Meditation for an energetic reboot

Mindfulness mediation to help you sleep

NLP Mindfulness meditation to access spontaneity

NLP Mindfulness meditation to help you choose out of love instead of out of fear

NLP Mindfulness Meditation to help you to connect with your baby

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