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Hello there,

It appears that massage is not my only talent and I have a writer's bone too! Joking aside, over the last few years I have written few articles about massage, aromatherapy, detoxing and much more. I am intending to continue writing unless stopped by a petition from very unhappy readers and therefore I created this blog to share those works of art with you.

If you have any questions or comments, please do email me. If you are as witty as I am, I might even publish them here. 

I hope you will find my musings on the necessity of massage or its regularity, an information on Pregnancy massage or Aromatherapy just as informative as you might find my experiences with detox or colonic therapy interesting and a post about the best oils for Valentine's day amusing. Just select the desired article from the menu or click on the highlighted phrases.

And have fun.

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