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Hello, I’m Kristina. I founded KMM Serenity Therapies after quitting my job as a Detective constable for the Met police in June 2013. 


I am a fully qualified and insured Aromatherapist, NLP/Hypnotherapist, massage therapist and a member of the CThA, BIH and CNHC associations for complementary therapists. I trained at the City Lit college, London School of massage, Richdales Institute and Salus Academy.


After giving birth in january 2019 to my gorgeous son, I decided to focus on working with clients improving their lifestyles through wellbeing couching and assisting them with healing traumas, addictions, depression and anxiety through Person Centred Integrative NLP/Hypnotherapy. My client base is limited at the moment as I have extended my maternity leave, I am prioritising new mothers when taking on new clients as I now truly appreciate what it takes to deal with the dark side of motherhood and can offer the so needed support.



Benefits of a treatment with Kristina:


I firmly believe in the capacity of all living organisms to heal themselves as well as each other. I had always felt a calling to assist people in the process of healing. 


Over the years I have studied and put into practise various methods of improving health and wellbeing such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, energetic healing, nutrition and natural remedies. I love to share what I have learned with my clients to help with their particular issues.


NLP/Hypnotherapy - Through my experiences as a therapist and a client, I had learned that most of our physiological problems have a cause within our mind, our past traumas, present anxieties, our limiting beliefs and our current perception of our reality. NLP/hypnotherapy can help to heal and change all that and free you to live the life you want, as well as to equip you with skills and tools necessary to create and maintain healthy balanced lifestyle.



You can find me on KMM Serenity Therapies FB page and Instagram and Kristina Mendez Matejova YouTube channel that are linked to my business. But I also run A Path To Serenity FB page, which is slightly more personal and acts as a support page for my book Pieces available on Amazon, as well as covering my public speaking gigs. I've had already couple stories published in books called The art of resonant living and Chocolates and diamonds for woman's soul that can both  be found on Amazon. I take part in various charity projects including starting up the SOS community that deals with domestic violence and organising a fund raiser for I am also on expert panel for BLM in the Stix.

I still volunteer for the Met police as a Special Constable as well as helping out in my local stables.

In the spare time that I do have, I like to practice yoga, meditate, walk (especially in nature) and dance amongst other things.

I now have a child and run a blog about the pregnancy and beyond on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube as Bump into the unknown.


Kristina Mendez Matejova

Qualified Holistic massage therapist


Specialist areas:

  • Holistic massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Psych-k healing therapy
  • Advanced Massage technique (deep tissue)
  • Hands free massage (using elbows and forearms)
  • Hot and cold stone massage
  • Aromatherapy pregnancy and post natal care massage and workshops
  • Person centred Integrative NLP/Hypnotherapy


Simply call or text me on: 07930661217

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