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Hello, I’m Kristina. I founded KMM Serenity Therapies in June 2013. After giving birth in january 2019 to my gorgeous son, I decided to focus on working with parents, improving their lifestyles through wellbeing couching and assisting them with healing traumas, depression and anxiety through Person Centred Integrative NLP/Hypnotherapy. My client base is limited at the moment as I have extended my maternity leave, I am prioritising new mothers when taking on new clients as I now truly appreciate what it takes to deal with the dark side of motherhood and can offer the so needed support.


I am a fully qualified and insured NLP/Hypnotherapist and a member of the CThA, BIH and CNHC associations for complementary therapists. 





You can find me on KMM Serenity Therapies FB page and Instagram and Kristina Magdolene Matej on a YouTube channel that are linked to my business. But I also run A Path To Serenity FB page, which is slightly more personal and acts as a support page for my book Pieces (available on Amazon), as well as covering my public speaking gigs. I've had already couple stories published in books called The art of resonant living and Chocolates and diamonds for woman's soul that can both  be found on Amazon. 

I now have a child and run a blog about the pregnancy and beyond on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube as Bump into the unknown.


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