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Membership Zone

Membership Zone
All members will get:

    •    Unlimited access to the Membership Zone, which contains instructional videos how to make aromatherapy products and over the next few weeks and months I will be adding videos showing basic massage techniques, yoga routines and more 'How to' videos.

    •    I will be sharing articles I have written or recorded on the themes of health and well being as well as aromatherapy.

    •    Most importantly, you will have access to me via email. After a free consultation, whenever you have a question, especially on aromatherapy, you can email me and I will get back to you within 3 days. I will be able to advise you which essential oils to use, what amount and how often, what is the best medium (body butter, nasal inhaler etc.) and answer any questions you might have about your health and well being issues, providing you with advice tailored to your specific needs at that point in time and connecting you with other professionals where need be. This feature also offers extra support in between your NLP/Hypnotherapy sessions.

    •    Special offers only available to members including discounts on massage, courses and aromatherapy products. Post with special offers, can be found on my FB page - Click here to have a look.   All members will have £10 off any treatment, £100 off any course and those with six or twelve months membership £50 off any package.

    •    And much much more, I'll be adding content as I go along with the hope of meeting the demands and needs of all the members.   I am working on arranging for discounts with other practitioners, services and products. You will have a unique member number to quote, with the view of having membership cards in the near future.


Simply call or text me on: 07930661217

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Highgate Holistic clinic. Or for further details or other arrangements please give me a call or send me a message.

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