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Massage Courses

I am now teaching three massage courses. Basic massage course for two students, advanced massage for qualified therapists and preparatory course for students about to take an exam for massage qualification.

All courses include three months access to the Membership Zone, where you can find videos showing the massage strokes and techniques as well as a simple full body massage routine and much more. You will also have access to me via email, should you have any questions or needed an advice.


Introduction to Massage Therapy Course (2 people)

This course is ideal for couples, flatmates, family members or friends who wish to learn how to massage each other safely and effectively. I will teach you how to deal with current muscular problems of your massage partner while protecting your hands, fingers and backs from injuries that can occur if massage is practiced without the appropriate knowledge and skills. I will teach you in your own environment, so you will learn to use the bed, chair or floor in a way that is safe for both of you.

I will not teach you a set generic routine, I will teach you how to create your own routine, how to feel the knots in the muscles and how to work them out.

This is not an accredited course and you will not be able to charge for massage after completing; you will be able to massage your partner/friend/family member.

It is possible for me to teach only one person as long as you have someone to practise on during the course.


Advance massage course for qualified therapists

This course is best fit for already qualified therapists, who would like to improve their massage technique by including deep tissue and hands free massage, increasing their confidence and learning how to work intuitively. Whether you have just finished your diploma and don't feel ready to start working as a therapist, or you have qualified some years back and want to refresh your skills before returning back to being a therapist, I can help you build on what you already know, teach you strokes that I developed in my practice and that keep bringing my clients back as well as lots of new ones. 90% of my clients find me by word of mouth. What I often hear is "This is the best massage I ever had." and "I never had a massage like this before." The technique I practice is very effective, but it is not something I learned at massage school. I qualified in March 2013, I now run my own business, rent a room in a clinic per month and am booked up for a month ahead. This could be you.



Preparatory massage course for therapists about to take an exam in massage

This course is best suited to therapists who are about take a practical exam in massage therapy and feel they need more time to practice under supervision than the classroom environment can offer. I will assess your current level, help you to learn a routine required to successfully pass the exam and offer you constructive advice helping you to develop your current skills and raising your confidence. You will have 1-2-1 attention and guidance and we will set the objectives at the start of the course taking into account your strengths and witnesses.

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