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Pregnancy, Labour and Post natal care

Here you can find links to other practicioners and pregnancy/baby care related services that you might find helpful during pregancy as well as once your baby has been born :)

Wrap a hug

Wrap a Hug is a sling library... or we should better say it is a Wrap library! As a matter of fact we decided to specialize in woven wraps as we really believe that they are the most comfortable and cuddling way of carrying your baby. Wrap a Hug is a space where you can see, touch and try different kinds of wraps on yourselves.

You will find experts supporting you and explaining to you which are the benefits of babywearing. You will meet other parents with whom you will be able to share experiences and joys. Come visit us to get to know all the other activities we are running or write a message for any question you have in mind.

Birth Doula

Have you found yourself in unfamiliar territory? A world of maternity services that you are trying to navigate your way around or maybe you have had a previous experience that wasn’t so positive and you want things to be different this time.  As a Doula I can help with this, offering continuity of care along with emotional and practical support, offering up to date balanced information that will help you gain confidence in your ability to have a positive experience whatever your choices maybe.  Have a look through the variety of packages I offer, there is something to suit everyone beforeduring and after the birth of your baby

The Cocoon Family Support

Cocoon Family Support offers FREE counselling to parents who are pregnant or have a young child, who feel that they could benefit from emotional support. You may find the support we can offer helpful if you are experiencing postnatal depression, anxiety, PTSD following a difficult birth, or difficulties bonding with your baby, we can also provide counselling for your family members. If you would like to register your interest or would require further information please contact us via or ring 07946165515

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