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Mindfulness and Meditation



If you are struggling with stress, tiredness, lack of focus, depression or any other ailment. If you'd like to improve your quality of life and find peace within yourself, I'd recommend you give meditation a try.


I struggled with meditation for a while until I came across an amazing teacher. Check her and her courses out on her website


Meditation courses


You can also sign up for a course to learn how to meditate effectivelly. Kagyu Samye Dzong London is a good place to start.  



Meditation one2one, life couching and stress management


To learn how to manage your stress levels more effectively and/or find the best way for your to meditate, give Nathalie a call. She is amazing and she does reflexology and Reiki too :)



Lucid dreaming


Wake up rested, refreshed and motivated; do the hard work of personal growth and transformation in your sleep; try Lucid dreaming. To learn more about Lucid dreaming check out this amazing teacher Charlie Morley and his website or for his course in Lucid dreaming and so much more, have a look at Awake Academy





As a community cultivating joy in stillness, Mindful Family offers a loving and healing presence. We believe that growing in self-awareness, resilience and kindness, practising and sharing new and useful habits, releasing harmful stress-related behaviours inspires mindful health and holistic living.


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