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I have written and article about my detox experience, which you can read in full on my FB Page A Path To Serenity


My detox was based on the book and using a programme developed by Dr Anderson, pls see the links below for more info or email me. I'll be happy to assist any way I can.

I recommend you get the book first, before you decide to go for the cleanse, although strictly speaking it is not necessary, I believe it is important to understand the background and research and not go on blind faith. The UK provider is Melanie Davies.


Balanced diet and weight loss


I really recommend you have a look at this video by Dr Robert Lustig and more importantly – read the book.


This is also a good site for healthy alternatives to treats and raw vegan diet.


For all that is to know about nutrition, supplements and healthy diet, please Dr Glenville's website.

There is so much information out there and so many products nowadays, it is very confusing to know what is good and what isn't. Here I am sharing links to my favourite sites, where I get my stuff (that is what I do not buy at my local market).



Creative Nature

I love this company. Whether you are looking for healthy snacks, cooking supplies or good recipes. This the place to go.

This bar is my personal favourite, but be warned, it is incredibly yummy and therefore highly addictive, however, if you are planning to have a cake, a pastry or a jar of nutella, then this is certainly a healthier alternative and just as tasty.

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