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What Is Your Purpose? 


I chose this subject because it's something that I have been exploring for myself. Figuring out who I am how I want to be seen but also what do I bring what value do I add and how do I fit into this world.


I wanted to talk about it as it affects how I conduct everything I do, work, life, health, hobbies it is the thing that is behind everything I do.


Whether you believe its bestowed on you from some other being or something you have to find or decide for yourself.


Taking time out and meditation are great tools to help you figure out what your purpose is.  I take time to think about what I have done, how I am seen by others and then how I want to be seen.


Then its time to look at the world, what is it like. Then check out what you would like the world to look like.


Ask yourself these questions.


  • What can I do to be the person I want to be?
  • What can I do to make the world the place I want it to be?
  • What is it that I can add to myself or to the world to help others realise their purpose?
  • What can I add to the world?


We each of us have a gift to share with the world.


It’s about being a parent, caring for animals, plants. Chef, waitress all people can add value, providing you with food.These are just a minuscule number of examples



Therapists, coaches, everyone; whatever you do has something within them that adds value to the world.


Some people don’t believe that they have any value to the world so this is when depression and thoughts of suicide can slip in, I’ve been there when I was 14 I felt that I was of no value and that the world would be better without me in it.


Now I help people find them what it is within them that they have to gift to the world. Helping them find it gives me goosebumps when I see the lightbulb moment.




Its what gets me buzzing, no matter how hards it gets being self-employed I know I won't stop because it will always find me. It is what I’m supposed to do.


You can just tell when someone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, the light shines out of them. I’m not saying everyone should quit their full-time job, your job might be your purpose whether it is 9-5 or not. Or your purpose could be fulfilled as a hobby or activity. Being in the office may not be your purpose, but it might allow you to fulfil your purpose - your purpose might be to share your love of dancing -- but to do it full time and turn it into a business may have the effect that it sucks the joy out of it.


It's not about finding your passion and then making a living from it, it's about finding your purpose and living your life fulfilling that purpose. For some of you, it will be something you can get paid for and that’s great, for others it will be sharing your time with others or doing something other than your job.



It’s not about other people are doing, or what you think you should do, or what other people think you should be doing.  Find something that makes your life worth living, it’s not just about having joyful experiences to add value. Times of great pain can also teach us things about ourselves which also adds value to our lives - the traumas in my life help me work with clients to help them understand who they are and where they are in their journey. They allow me to have greater empathy with people and show that there are ways to overcome and deal with many issues. I wouldn’t change my experiences they are part of me and without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


If you can make a positive difference to one person in your life then you have added value to your life and theirs. You don’t have to help everyone, your legacy can be one person, an animal or even a space that will miss you when you’re gone.


Do something that makes a difference, it doesn’t have to be big, or grand - it can be as simple as planting seeds, looking after an animal, -- You’ll know when you’ve found it because it will fill you, you won’t be able to help yourself -- you might even be doing it without realising.


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