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The Miracle Of Our Immune System

 I just wanted to take some time and talk to you about how amazing our immune system is and how we often do things that prevent it from completing its job.




A few weeks ago I felt rubbish at work,  although I got through the day I knew that I wasn't going to be able to help heal people the next day I needed to allow myself to get better. 


What did I do?


The next day I cancelled all my appointments slept took herbal anti-inflammatories and I when to bed, I rested, and let my immune system go to work. I didn't take any of the usual medication that I used to take such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. I let the temperature I had run its course and found that after a couple of days I felt much better and was much less congested than I had been on previous occasions when I used over the counter remedies. 


Why Did I Do It This Way?

When I started learning more and more about the human body I discovered what an amazing thing it really is and your immune system uses everything in its power to fight the invading viruses and bacteria that it has. 


One of the weapons in its arsenal is raising the body temperature to make it a hostile environment for these invaders, and so taking medication to reduce your temperature can be counterproductive and may possibly result in the infection lasting longer. 


Another tool the body uses is to create mucus, this is not the infection itself but your body generating a seal or package with which to expel the invader through your orifices via coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose.  


Yes, it's disgusting but better out than in. 


I noticed that in allowing myself to rest, and taking vitamin C, D and an anti-inflammatory supplement such as Turmeric (yes the spice) I was back to my usual self much quicker and my symptoms did not linger anywhere near as long.


What can you do to help yourself? 


  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take a vitamin supplement -- its best to seek advice which will be beneficial to you. 
  • Avoid stress or learn to manage it. -- I have guided meditations that can help with this, Yoga, or taking some form of exercise will help with this too. 
  • Eating food that is easy for you to digest and nutritious - such as soups.  Your body's primary focus is fighting that infection, feed it but give it a chance to do the job. 



I am not a doctor but do lead a healthy lifestyle. I speak about my experiences and what I have learned from studying. These tips will help you if you are a usually healthy person and don't have any underlying health issues. 

If your temperature is over 39'c or if it lasts longer than a couple of days then you should seek medical attention from your doctor. 


If you want more help on how to feel better, how to deal with stress the contact me. I am only too happy to help in finding the right therapy for you whether it be for massage to help with lymphatic drainage or NLP/Hypnotherapy to help you find your balance.


Have a great, happy and healthy day. 

Until next time








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