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The moment we find out that we are expecting a baby, especially if we really wished for one, our lives change completely in those three minutes after we peed on a stick that confirms are dreams coming true. 


From then on, it is a roller coaster. There are so many things to sort out and prepare and what happens after birth often becomes a blur of moments of absolute joy, the deepest despair and everything in between. Even in the age of easy access to camera through our phones we often forget to capture the beautiful moments and suddenly the little ones are all grown up, leaving the nest and all we’ve got left behind are memories. Hopefully, you managed to save some on videos or in pictures, so you can sit down in quite moments and remember the beginning, the bump, the tiny feet and hands, the first tooth, first haircut.


To make sure those moments are captured clearly with a touch of fairy tale magic, give Samantha Black a call. Sam is amazingly talented photographer. I love viewing her work and will certainly use her myself once I am blessed with a child. She brings this otherworldly touch to her work and her lovely bubbly personality makes the day of posing so much more enjoyable. 


I am posting some examples of her work, but do look on her website or instagram (Samantha Black Photography) for more and be amazed!


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