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Straight Talking... Get off your butt!

Hi, Here's my next Facebook live video. I recorded it on a whim on Monday 6th February, its short but it packs a powerful punch. 


My friends will tell you, I'm an honest, straight talking person and if I think you're talking rubbish or only offering excuses, I'll call you on it.  Yes, it can be brutal, but wouldn't you rather I told you straight out what I thought than spend ages skirting round the issue. So now I've scared you all off here's a quick summary of what I said. 


Fitting In Exercise.... 

I feel that part of my role as a massage therapist is to help you live a healthier lifestyle through all aspects of your daily life, rather than you expecting other people to fix them for you. A massage is just one aspect of your self-care, but exercise is most definitely another. 


You all know what you should be doing, you hear it often enough from health care professionals, ads on tv, social media, documentaries we're bombarded with information on a daily basis.


You begin to think of exercise as a chore that can only be done it certain circumstances, like going to the gym, or using lots of fancy equipment or scheduling a section of your day to do a specific type of workout. 


Well, that's all great and if you can fit it in do that, but don't offer me excuses about why you can't do any exercise when the easiest and cheapest (FREE) exercise is available for you to do every day.  


What I want you to do is to get up, out of your chair and go for a walk, or use part of your journey to walk to work, no excuses, no fancy stuff, just go for a walk. There is absolutely no reason or excuse you can come up with that can justify you not going for a walk for a few minutes every day. 


Still struggling to work out when you can fit it in?  Check out my video and I'll give you some suggestions. :-) 


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