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How NLP/Hypnotherapy helped me...

Today I’m talking about these as I have been using these to improve my life, health and healing.  In last 3 years, it expanded into NLP/hypnotherapy. I have explored lots of other therapies to find what works for me I want to get better I wanted to be the best me and see results being the best I can. -- They have all had benefits but the biggest benefit by far has been the NLP.


Where do I start?


Hypnotherapy has opened up the doors for a lot of things. It has prevented me from being in pain. Massages helped to keep me going in my previous job, but the hypnotherapy helped tremendously to get to the bottom of everything. I have done things since starting this journey that I'd always wanted to do but never believed I could, writing books and organising charity events. 


 I had been doing massage therapy for about a year I felt there were still things I needed to work on. Working out of Highgate Holistic Clinic I met Peggy the owner of the Clinic we did a service swap, I was interested in Hypnotherapy but was very sceptical about what it was and how it worked. She needed a massage and she challenged my perception of NLP and hypnotherapy, just her personality made me curious. My perception had been that it was used to manipulate or create stage shows or a self-serving force for the practitioner rather than being a benefit to the person that is undergoing the treatment.

We agreed she needed a regular massage and I wanted to find out more about how NLP/ hypnotherapy worked and whether it could help me. Well, what I found out was amazing and led to me studying it so that I could become a practitioner and offer it as a service too.


After years of depression and emotional issues, which manifested in eating disorders and IBS, hormonal dysfunction, to name just a few things, I realised Peggy could help. I wanted to make myself better and I was ready to go for it.

We started working together, then in the middle of everything, I found out that my husband had cancer and 6 months later he passed away. I really was not prepared for the grief, even though we knew it was going to happen. I was strong for him and kept going, I knew I had to be but when he was gone it was like everything crashing, I have never experienced anything like it – it was the NLP/ hypnotherapy that got me through.  The depression came back, and everything got worse, I got to the point that I was suicidal. There was such support from my friends and family, I made a decision to live and I started doing everything I could to do to make myself better. 


I have done it without medication, I could see that I had all the tools that I needed to really get myself together.


It was the NLP that helped me most to dig down into everything, all the emotional issues, all the limiting beliefs working out where each one stemmed from and how to deal with it. After about a year of treatment, I realised I was depression free, it was a complete revelation. I looked back and realised that I had felt much better for about a month and it was fantastic.


I also came to the realisation that I needed to offer this therapy to others for myself. I have benefitted so much I wanted to be able to share it and help other people deal with their life issues and release them from what is holding them back.


So I started studying Peggy’s course and since recording this video I have passed the course and now a qualified Person-Centred NLP/Hypnotherapy therapist.  If you are interested in finding out more about how I can help you, give me a call or email. If you would like to study for yourself then I encourage you to look up Peggy and find out how she can help you. 


I have only summarised here what is in my video, I urge you to take a look and really see how this process reflects in my persona, I know the sun is shining in the video, but here I really feel like I am too. I want to help you achieve that. 

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