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Hi, I have been working on new ways to share my therapy knowledge and wellness journey with you. I have been overcoming my fears and getting to grips with Facebook LIVE and I'm recording short videos every week on my Facebook page. Join me there every Saturday or wait for the upload to the website as my website manager catches up with me.  


Today's video was recorded live on the 4th February 2017, It was my very first one I was very nervous. I can safely say it's got much easier since then, as I'm sure you'll see over the coming days and weeks. 


Here's a quick summary of what we talked about. 


How often should I get a massage? 


Well, the answer is not a straightforward as you might think, it can depend on many things. 

  • How stressed are you?
  • How active are you?
  • Do you have any injuries?
  • What about medical conditions?
  • What do you want to achieve with a massage?
  • Do you have a specific area that requires work?
  • What causes the build up of tension?
  • How much sleep to you get?


All these and more are why I offer individual consultation so I can determine the best course of treatment for you. 


If you want a lasting change in yourself and your body to feel, move and look better are you prepared to prioritise your well-being. It's also something I talked about in my previous article, necessity not luxury. 


If you want to find out what the answer is specifically for you, please contact me to book a consultation so we can discuss your specific needs. 


I look forward to hearing from you. 


Thank you for watching.







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