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What Can You Do To Prevent a Migraine?

My aim today is to start a discussion and share experience of a migraine. So that we can all learn more about them.


Disclaimer: I never had a migraine.

Although I have heard many accounts from clients that have come to me suffering from migraines or have described the previous attacks

I am also very interested in helping you and understanding what happens and how we can work together to fix it so I have read a lot in order to help you better.


From what I’ve seen and heard migraines are horrific and can be really debilitating and really stop you living your life to full.


The symptoms can be quite unusual and it's not always caused by the same thing.


Lots of research going on but still quite difficult to actually diagnose so....


What is a migraine?

Drs don’t seem to agree on all of it, mainly because it seems there are so many variables and each person and their experience is different, but one thing they can agree on is that it is connected to the nervous system and when that system gets overloaded it starts misfiring.  There are outside factors like stress or it can be biological, internal stresses that you don't even realise they are there.


What are the symptoms?

Headaches, tiredness, nausea, loss of balance, dizziness some people also suffer from an aura, spots in front of eyes blurred vision. Sensitivity to light.


The pain has been described to me as being based on the head with a hammer or stabbing. The pain is so bad that it is all consuming and person generally can’t do anything.


The only thing that seems to help is sleeping in a darkened room.

Even after a sleep, many people still feel tired or like they have a hangover. Others might feel energised and really ready to get back on with things


There is no fixed time that a migraine lasts for, for some just a few minutes others the symptoms can last a few days.


The attacks can also be associated with hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, sleep pattern changes, for example, working night duty or stress.


Why does it happen to some and not others?


Some people may just be more prone to getting them. Stress can be caused to the body without you realising not just talking about feeling stress, just changes in your diet, sleep pattern, significant life events, muscle tension and skeletal misalignment.


What can you do to prevent them?

Stress management, exercise, meditation, learning what triggers your migraine and making changes to your lifestyle or seek out treatments that can help. Exercise to address problems with your posture that is putting stress on joints.

The attacks may not completely go away but if can lessen the frequency and severity.


You can also check with your GP regarding medication and have the condition managed that way. There are different types of a migraine and you need to work with your GP to find the right one medication for you. If you are already taking medication and you're still suffering, it's worth going back to get it checked out.


The tension in neck muscles, in particular, can cause migraines -- or spine misalignment can also happen a regular massage can help to relax these or an osteopath and exercises that can help.


There are also talk therapies can also help, unload the stress or get to the root of the problem that you may not even know you have the mind holds onto traumatic experiences and often transfers an unconscious psychological trauma into a physical symptom to get you to take notice of it.  My experience both personal and as a therapist indicates this, our bodies tell us to take time out with physical symptoms to learn how to take care of ourselves.


If you have any questions about your migraines, we can work out what might be able to help you either with massage or NLP/hypnotherapy or I might be able to recommend other treatments and therapists that could help you.  Contact me to arrange a consultation.



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