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How to lead a spontaneous and fulfilling life

I realised that in order to feel safe, I’ve created a tight structure in my life of bookings, appointments and advance plans. Although this allows me to stay organised, it does not leave much space for spontaneity, for adventure.
Despite the feeling of safety and joy from perfectly executed plans, I was missing something even more important: vitality and freedom.
Thanks to some wonderfully spontaneous people in my life, I’ve taken the leap of faith and decided to keep clear all the weekends over couple of months, not making decision regarding their content until last minute and literally going with the flow.
Initially this has brought on anxiety, I freaked out, but I kept grounding myself through journaling, reminding myself of my strength and focusing on staying in the moment. Thoughts of past traumas from my childhood resurfaced and I took the opportunity to heal them.
The results have been incredible. The freedom, sense of aliveness and the opportunities that arose from this new way of being has been so worth the initial anxiety and discomfort.
Our lives will always require some level of planning and organisation, which is perfectly fine, but I cannot recommend enough to keep your life balanced, flowing and exciting by allowing space for just being in the moment, spontaneous and free.

Give this a try, the next four weekends (or 8 days off), keep your diary as free as possible, not committing to anything or anyone. When you wake up in the morning, meditate for a little while, connect to your heart and do whatever you feel like doing, be whatever you feel like being.
Keep notes on your experiences, thoughts and feelings. At the end of the experiment evaluate and let yourself wonder at the beauty of life. 

If the idea of not planning fills you with overwhelming fear, it might be an indication of past trauma to which being organised and in control is a defence mechanism. If this is the case, feel free to reach out to me and we’ll see how I can help you to live even more fulfilling and joyous life.

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