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How often to have a massage


 How often should I have a massage?


This is an easy enough question to answer on an individual basis after I've made an assessment, however it is not so easy to make that reply general. I will do my utter best here though.

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration:

  • your current health status,

  • how active you are,

  • how stressed you are

  • and how much money you have.


Lets look at health status first.


There are certain conditions that may prevent or limit your access to massage. These tend to be pretty serious conditions only, but if you have any concerns, mention this to the therapist when booking and appointment or speak to your health practitioner, for everything else there is a consultation.


I have clients with all sorts of conditions ranging from pregnancy, diabetes, epilepsy to cancer and Parkinson's. There are many conditions for which regular massage can be very beneficial. If the massage is gentle and more or less superficial it can be provided daily, like a foot massage for a pregnant woman, a person with Parkinson's or someone with water retention in their legs. If the person is reasonably healthy, but tight up in knots due to stress or one sided exercise, deeper massage will be required and then at least three days should be left in between massages to allow the tissues to recover. 


The level and kind of activity in your every day life makes lots of difference when it comes to assessing how much massage do you need. If you are top athlete, you should have some kind if treatment almost daily, but definitely a full body deep tissue massage once a week. If you are very active, but don't stretch much, you'll likely to need massage once in 7-10 days. If you do stretch (like regular yoga practice) you will probably be fine with once in every 14-21 days. 

If you are not very stressed, stretch a lot, use moderate exercise and are healthy, once a month massage for maintenance will be fine. However, if you do not exercise, sit at a desk all day and get stressed, then we are back to weekly massages.




For improved very poor health, have a light massage every day (this could be done safely by a family member, partner or carer).

For improved sporting performance I recommend a combination of different types of massage according to your needs on daily basis, but full body once a week.

For working out existing problems, whether they are injuries or persistent knots and tensions, you'll need weekly massages to start with and then space them out as you improve until you level at once in one or two month for maintenance; that is if you exercise regularly.

If you don't exercise, weekly massage it is. The reason being, massage works a bit like exercise. If you walk every day, you'll be fitter than if you run once a month. If you run once a week you'll make more progress than if you run every so often. The muscles need to be worked at regular intervals until they get the message and stop going back to where we started. Once you get to that stage, with regular exercise you'll only need massage once a month or so to maintain what you've achieved.


Of course, the time in between massages must be assessed on individual basis taking into consideration your current health, exercise and lifestyle as well as how well your body responds to massage.


So Money - What do you need to consider? 


If you can afford it, have a massage every week for the rest of your life. If that's not sustainable, look for discount packages that therapists often offer to allow you to have a regular weekly or fortnightly massage at least initially. Once your tensions are in a manageable level, one massage a month or two will take care of maintenance. 


With massage high price does not always mean high quality, but low price usually does indicate lower quality (there are exceptions of course). If you go to a spa or a home visit agency you will likely get charged fair amount, yet the therapists are often overworked and underpaid and therefore usually lack enthusiasm and strength to provide you with a treatment worth what you paid for it.


 If you do go to a spa always book with the therapist that is booked up, it'll be worth a wait. They are booked up because they are good and leave a tip if you can and you enjoyed the treatment, they get paid peanuts.


If you book on groupon and similar sites, you will probably pay very little for your massage, but it's unlikely to be a top quality. There is a reason why they can't accumulate clients in any other way and the therapist literally earns nothing - how much effort do you think they put in, when their mind is wondering how they are going to pay the rent?!


Then there is the middle ground, the self-employed therapists working from clinics, homes or doing home visits. They are their own bosses and although after expenses and taxes they are not making themselves into millionaires, their pay is much fairer. They choose their working days, hours and their breaks and therefore tend to be much happier bunch. They also tend to be very enthusiastic and passionate about their job, after all they took the plunge by leaving employment into uncertainty whether they will have enough clients, no paid holidays and no sick leave. Trust me, they love it and you will feel it. They also tend to be more middle ground when it comes to pricing and it will be worth every penny.


I hope this will help you understand that there is no simple answer to "How often I should have a massage?" It is always better to have a proper consultation with a trained therapist, who after assessing your body through the first massage will be able to tell you what do you need and how they can help you. It is my sincere wish that this will inspire you to give massage (another) chance to make you feel better, healthier, more relaxed and comfortable in your own body to allow you to live your life to the full. Enjoy :)

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