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From Procrastination To Productivity

Hi every body, I little while ago I recorded this video, but I thought it might be a good idea to bring it out again now that we're a couple of weeks in to the new year and this tends to be when our good intentions and resolutions get stuck. We all need a kick up the butt from time to time so here is mine to you. 



Procrastination was a massive issue for me for a long long time. 


What does it mean to me?


Procrastination – symptoms/meaning

To think about something for way too long, beyond what is necessary or use delaying tactics to put on hold what you really need to get done.


You use diverting activities to put off doing what you actually need to do to get stuff done. For example, you have an exam in 3 weeks time and you know you really should do some studying but you find yourself doing all sorts of other activities like cleaning, watching that box set series or scrolling through Facebook, there are so many things and I’ve done all of them. Every one of them takes you away from the goal that you actually want to achieve which is to pass that exam.

You’ll find yourself doing what I did, which is cramming the night before staying up to 4 am to just try and get that information in there.  


What I’m saying is does your activity take you forward in your life goals? Do you even know what your life goals are? For most people, this is the biggest problem. Once you have identified your goals you can build a productive plan to achieve them. 


That’s how I view procrastination!

I have big dreams in my lifenot just that will benefit me but everyone else around me. So what are my goals, finishing my book, holding a successful charity event, making my business successful? Some of these I can actually tick off already, but if I’ve done one I know that I can do another and another. Each one gets me closer to my life goal of helping as many people as I can live their lives better.


Creating online coaching and membership programs.


You’d think it was easy wouldn’t you, all I have to do is take the necessary steps to reach the small goals that will get me to my main goal. 


And you’d be right, however, what I’ve been doing is watching youtube videos, watching documentaries scrolling through Facebook.


While some of these are educational and I do derive some benefit from them they are not leading me to my short or long term goals so I find that I don’t move forward as quickly.


When I stop to think about this and reflect on what am I actually doing with my time, it makes me frustrated and starts to bring me down then when you feel down you don’t feel like doing anything. And you create a spiral effect of not really achieving what you want to achieve.


So How Did I Change my behaviour?


A few things came together I think, with all the work I’ve been doing on myself I’ve got to a point where I can be much clearer and pinpoint what I’m doing. 


The work I’ve been doing with my coach. There was one phone call with her which was before the silent retreat I did, she asked me a question – ‘I want you to consider your priorities’, I thought but I know what my priorities are, she said ‘just think about it’


I also finished a book that I started reading months and months ago, I got given a book The Four Money mindsets.  By Karen Sutton-Johal

  1. You earn less than you spend -- perpetually trapped in debt.
  2. You spend as much as you earn -- you keep it even but have nothing left for emergencies or to have fun. 
  3. Comfort zone – always save some first and pay bills, but fearful and don’t risk or invest in future
  4.  Rich money mindset – you have enough to pay bills and to manage for 6 months if you suddenly find yourself unable to earn for 6 months.

The author speaks about how to transfer between the mindsets.

The last chapter was the one I had missed out, which is about time and in this I read that time is linked to money.  It wasn’t anything that I hadn’t heard before but to see it written down in this way it suddenly made much more sense to me.


She talked about how you manage your time is linked to how you manage your money and visa versa, it really kind of hit home. It really hit me how much time I was wasting.

  1. Things you spend time on that are essentials
  2. Things for pleasure only – you love them but they won't get you closer to your goals. 
  3. Time wasters – things you do that you enjoy but they don’t bring you closer to your goal easily replaced.
  4. The time that’s invested – courses, studying, work charity, network meetings.

Once you identify the steps you need to get there then you need to spend the time and money to get there. Investment in yourself to achieve your goals. Worthy of you time and money.


I  needed to identify my goals, so I did work on the question my coach set me.


What Were My Priorities?


I started to realise how much I need to structure my day in order to achieve my goals

  1. The retreat
  2. Health
  3. Current business – to make it more successful and keep growing.

I decided to dedicate all the time I have to these goals, but then I also have secondary goals

  1. Gaining qualifications on working with horse
  2. Learning Spanish

I allocate the time to the first 3 things, set out a morning routine, meditation yoga nutrition.

Business – schedule time for clients, tax return admin

Retreat – networking, and whatever tasks I need to do


Then my secondary goals are allocated time

Studying Spanish


volunteering at a stable to develop my knowledge of horses


If there is any time left, that's when I do something else, like Salsa dancing or reading a book that isn't related to something I'm studying or catch up with Facebook. Maybe!!!


So here’s what to do: be selfish, don’t think about anyone else, it is what you want to achieve.

Write it down – you might have 2 or 3 goals and often they are interlinked.

Identify the steps you need to take to achieve it.

Then create tasks that you can do in a day to get the things done.


If you need help with any of the issues I have discussed here please contact me and find out how I can help you too. I look forward to hearing from you. Get achieving!


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