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My Colonic experience

In March 2015, I have found myself feeling low on energy, heavy and constantly bloated; my digestive system was not working the way it used to no matter what I tried. My stomach was painful to touch and there was a hardness to it that was not caused by a six-pack. I felt inflamed, my skin was overly sensitive, my joints ached and I had intermittent headache, which is unusual for me. I did not bother going to a GP, I've been there before, all they would tell me, without any tests, was that I've got IBS. Thank you very much, not very helpful. In the past change in diet would help, but this time I was not seeing the results.

It was at that point, I heard from three different people not known to each other that they've tried a colonic treatment and loved it. The last of these three was my own massage therapist. She explained how the procedure worked and recommended her colonic therapist as someone very good and experienced. 

It's not like I'd never heard of colonic before. I did, but I'd had lots of reservations. I didn't particularly like the idea of someone shoving a tube up my arse. I was worried it'd be painful and apprehensive about the smell that I thought was inevitable, and so I never even looked into it. It was something that was good for other people. 

But now, when three people mentioned it within three days of each other, at a time I needed it and nothing else was working, I could not let it pass as a coincidence. I decided to take the plunge (so to speak) and give it a go. I chose Anna J. based in the colonic clinic in Kilburn to do the deed as she came highly recommended by my therapist whom I trust explicitly. I booked one treatment in five days time, thinking that would be all I needed as long as I prepare for it. I started with my usual one-day water fast and followed with four days of vegetable smoothies. This made me feel a little better, but not as much as it used to in the past. By the time the long anticipated evening arrived, I've read up on the procedure, which did not particularly help to ease my nervousness. If you are worried about something, do not Google it; trust me it's not worth it and will not help, if anything it'll make things worse, you will worry also about stuff you did not worry about before. Just like I did after reading about all the horror stories of the things that can go wrong with colonic treatment. I am not going to go into those here because after my experience of colonic, I am not sure those stories were true; or perhaps if they were it was due to lack of knowledge, experience and professionalism of the practitioner. So as long as you choose someone who had been personally recommended to you, you'll be perfectly fine.

I did not know that when I entered the clinic in Kilburn. I was so nervous my hands were shaking. I was welcomed by Anna, a lovely friendly lady, that dissolved most of my fears immediately. She took me into a clean spacious room containing an examination table, small kitchenette-like corner with a sink and cupboards, table and chairs and in the corner a small toilet separated by a folding door. My appointment was at 7pm, but at no point I felt rushed or got a sense of impatience from

Anna. She listened to me carefully during our thorough consultation and asked few questions to get all the necessary details. She commended me on my dietary preparation as apparently emptying and cleansing your bowels as much as you can before the treatment makes it more effective and easier. I was pleased to hear that. After the consultation I was asked to strip from the waist down, lie on the examination bed and cover myself with a towel provided, which I did while Anna left the room for couple of minutes to offer me some privacy. She also encouraged me to use the toilet as the treatment is more comfortable with an empty bladder. When Anna came back, she explained every step of the treatment before proceeding with it. The container for collecting the waste was hidden in the cupboard above the sink, which was at the foot of the bed. A thin hose was connected to it that ended in a plastic nozzle, to which another tube was attached connected to the water supply through a filter. The waste tube had a clear see-through section, so Anna could see what was leaving my poor body. Without further ado after using a lubricant, the nozzle was inserted where intended. I could feel it, but once I relaxed it was not particularly uncomfortable. Anna then let in some water. I could feel the water travelling up my colon, a very peculiar, but not painful sensation, until it stopped and slight pressure started to build up at the bottom of my belly, then the movement reversed and the colon started emptying. I could feel slight pressure as the accumulated waste was leaving my body through the tubing. There was no smell, no mess, all completely hygienic and clinical. I let out a sight of relief and relaxed for the rest of the treatment. Anna kept me entertained by keeping me informed on what is happening, how colonic irrigation works and just by having good old chinwag, while at the same time keeping an eye on the tube. Every time we approached a new blockage, she would allow my belly to inflate until I told her to stop because it was too uncomfortable and then she'd let it all out bringing an immediate relief. At no point I felt pain, just uncomfortable pressure that never lasted more than half a minute. Every so often Anna would massage my stomach to help things along, but even with all that effort we reached a blockage we could not pass. As the time was up, well up actually, I realised I was in the treatment for 20mins longer than I paid for thanks to Anna's generosity, and my body wouldn't be able to take any more of this relatively intrusive treatment, Anna advised me and I agreed to come back in three days time. She asked me to go the toilet again while she leaves the room and get dressed after about 10mins. She checked on me half way through and then came back for a few minutes of feedback and advice. She advised me to continue eating mostly vegetable based diet while getting the colonic and continue with my weekly fasting. She answered all my questions patiently before finally letting me out.  

I felt slightly dizzy and weak, which I was reassured was normal and should get better within the next 72hrs. I was told drinking plenty of water, resting and mild exercise like yoga and walking would make the healing crisis easier and quicker to go. Anna also reminded me that emotional issues from the past might come up for no apparent reason. She said should that be the case, to let the emotions roll through and let them go as the release of past hurts, fears and unresolved emotions is part of the process.

Scientists have been doing lots of research into how we process emotions and there is some evidence that the nervous system's net around our gut has so many connections that they rival the brain. They also came to the conclusion that it is in our gut that our emotions get processed, perhaps that's why we refer to having a 'gut feeling' about something, our stomach hurts when we are angry, it's full of butterflies when we are in love and it is in knots when we are nervous. This is actually not far from the truth; the emotion of anger brings on such chemical reactions in our body that the acidity in our stomach rises; when we are stressed, the nervous system is over firing causing spasms in the intestinal walls, especially in the transverse colon (the part that travels right to left under your stomach), which can literally end up in knots. People who have gone through some kind of colonic cleansing often describe having vivid dreams or random memories coming up to their consciousness of past and forgotten issues during or shortly after the treatment. Often these issues are unresolved traumas buried deep inside our subconscious mind. Many holistic healers (Luise D. Hay for example) claim that problems and blockages in the colon are caused by our inability to let go and forgive. We are talking here about holding onto old broken relationships, people that passed away, lost jobs, perceived wrong doings, kids leaving home, feelings of jealousy, anger, revenge towards others or situations etc. The theory is that if you let go of your grudges and hurts, your colon will heal itself. By having a colonic and bringing these issues to the surface, you can speed the whole process up, but that is why you need to be prepared for it. It might be a good idea to have your therapist, good friend or a close family member on a standby, so you can turn to them for support should you need some. If you've had major traumas happening in your past I would strongly advise you to align your colonic appointments with seeing a psychotherapist or NLP/Hypnotherapy/Life coach practitioner. That's what I did and I was glad for it.

The first couple of days after the first treatment my headaches got worse and I felt very depleted and foggy. I had vivid dreams of my past experiences and the feeling of anxiety kept coming up for no apparent reason. At the end of the second day I saw my therapist, which really helped to calm me down. I was still on the vegetable smoothies apart from the day before my second colonic when I did my water fast again. I also took some probiotics as those we have naturally are often depleted by stress and their number can be reduced further by the treatment.

The second colonic was at 9am. Anna again welcomed me smiling and unhurried. After a short consultation to bring her up to date with my responses to the treatment, I got back on the table to continue the good work. This time I asked to see the see-through part of the tube. I was curious what was coming out. Anna used a small mirror attached the cupboard at the food of the bed to allow me to see the tube and explained what I was seeing as different colours and consistencies were coming through. Apparently, different parts of the colon produce different colours and consistence of stool, which is also dependent on what we consume, of course. The process was the same as the first time and we got much further, all the way to the ascending colon, where we got stuck again. What was interesting was that as we approached the blockage I had certain childhood memories coming up to the surface of my mind, just as Anna without knowing this was the case, was describing what kind of issues are usually associated with this particular blockage and getting it absolutely spot on. Coincidence? Maybe. I'll let you to be the judge of that. 

The third and last appointment was made for 9am a week later. I was still on the vegetable smoothies, with an addition of some fruit and again I fasted before the appointment. Again I felt a little weak and unwell the first couple of days, but then the state if my health and well-being started to quickly improve. I kept a diary to record the emotional turmoil that was happening at the same time. Writing things down helped me to stay focused and more objective, as well as to deal with some of the more difficult issues that came up for me. 

The last colonic was to happen at a time of the spring Equinox, the New moon and the Eclipse of the Sun. Apparently astrologically, I could not have picked a better time for cleansing and I did not even know that when I was doing the picking. The treatment went really well and we got to the end (or beginning - depending on your point of view) of my ascending colon and therefore the end of the procedure. Again, the same after effects happened and I maintained the veg and fruit diet for few more days before returning back to normal. After three days since the last treatment the real results started to become apparent. I felt lighter, taller and emptier (in a good way). My stomach was flat, soft to the touch (apart from the six-pack) and pain-free, my joints and skin felt much better, the headaches became a history, I had much more energy ant felt generally better. How I felt was definitely worth the effort, the time and the money. I am planning to maintain my gut health by having a colonic top up four times a year, as well as managing my health by reasonable diet and regular exercise. I cannot recommend enough getting the treatment and getting it with Anna J. She has been amazingly kind, reassuring and professional throughout all three treatments and it was very obvious she is knowledgeable and experienced therapist. If you are having health issues, especially with your digestive system, if you struggle with your weight, whether to gain or lose it or perhaps you are under lots of stress and/or suffer with IBS, this is the treatment for you. Give it a go, you won't regret it; the feeling of lightness and well-being that follows the treatment is well worth it. 

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