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How are Aromatherapy and massage helpful?


Mental health is quite a big topic for me, there is still quite a lot of stigma around mental health and often not all the issues are discussed with your therapist if you have one.

I’m not talking about mental health here in a negative way, when I say it I’m using it to describe a state of wellbeing in the same was we talk about the health of our bodies, so we also need to talk about the health of our minds.


In both body and mind, you can be either healthy, not so healthy or very ill.

You might get a cold which troubles you for about a week, or pneumonia which will last longer or even more serious diseases.


Your mental health is the same, having a mental health issue can be a small anxiety attack or feeling a bit low all the way to schizophrenia or bipolar or psychotic episodes. A whole range of issues, but it doesn’t change who you are as a person and there is help out there.


What is mental health?


There is no shame in the quality of your mental health, we all have them they can be triggered by many things or an imbalance in hormones. Even certain foods can change your mental health. At the less serious end of the spectrum, you can probably make changes to your diet or activities in order to help yourself, but sometimes we need help to deal with the things that go on in our lives that affect our mental health.  If you feel sick or you hurt yourself you go to the doctor or hospital for help, but often we feel like we can’t ask for help for the struggles that we have in our own head so it's important to recognise that we need help to deal with the shit that happens in our lives. We are all human and can’t deal with everything on our own. From sitting down to have a chat with a friend to talk therapies, and studying, reading and seeking out ways to help yourself and yes if you need medication seek it out. I feel very passionate about this having had my own struggles with depression, intense grief and suicidal thoughts it has been a long process of self-discovery to find out why I had some of these feelings in the first place and learning how to deal with them. Massage has been a great part of that. I have worked hard to make myself better and it's certainly not been easy it's been a crazy, shit, hard journey, there are still things that happen that mean I have lows but I’m learning processes and techniques in order to be able to better deal with whatever life throws at me.


How does aromatherapy and massage help with mental health?


I’ve talked before about the benefits of massage on physical health but it also has massive benefits for mental well being as well.

The simple act of a physical non-sexual touch is healing hugs are healing, when you come for a massage it's very soothing to have another person to help you take away the mental soothing anxiety and depression. It reconnects you to another human being, it is important to be connected to other human beings we are social creatures and need each other to survive. This is especially true when you’re struggling to connect with other people, so if you’re not ready to open up to others about what is happening to you, massage can be very helpful in getting you through the initial connections. Helps you let you get rid of physiological trauma, both physical trauma and mental health has a physiological impact and massage helps to safely soothe and release that. 


Aromatherapy takes it to another level, you can use these through massage, through smell inhalation.


So how can Aromatherapy effect our mental health?


Marjoram is great for depression, anxiety, - Sandalwood, calming. Frankincense and lavender – all of these soothing and can be combined with each other to create a larger effect.

There are other oils which are more uplifting,  citrus oils bring joy they bring to mind thoughts of sunshine.

Rosemary, eucalyptus a bit sharper but refreshing.  I could talk for hours just about these.


How we feel is linked to nervous system and endocranial system (hormones). They affect each other everything works together it is a two-way street. How your feel effects everything, one whole system that works together and cannot be separated. I believe that you need to work to heal the whole body. Using a variety of techniques to work on each area to get everything working together holistically.

Bring everything together to help heal your mind and body and then maintain mental and physical health and then how it becomes less about treating a problem but preventing issue arising or making it easier to deal with the everyday things that life throws at us.

If you’re interested in any of the therapies I have mentioned, I can help you find a practitioner or you can contact me about any of the services that I offer. Please check out my membership area, where you can get one to one help and advice from me and discounts on courses and treatments.

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