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5 simple rules to make sense of Healthy eating

There is so much conflicting information out there on what we should eat and how much and we should not even dream of eating, it can feel really daunting to figure out what is best for us.
And here lies the catch, we are all individuals, with our own unique varying genes, digestive systems, gut bacteria, metabolisms, overall health,  life styles and taste preferences, that one ‘diet’ can never fit all. However, if you follow these five simple rules, you are unlikely to go wrong:
1. If you feel unwell, sluggish or outright sick after you’ve consumed something, don’t do it again. Unless you don’t mind that you feel like shit the next day... hangovers anyone?
2. Avoid added sugar, fruit is good and the occasional cake will not kill you, but not even red velvet can claim itself to be healthy. Make your choices consciously.
3. Green carbs are always good (all the colourful veg), beige (wheat, white rice, some pasta and bread) and white (sugar, anything refined) ones not so much.
4. Even if you are gym fanatic, you do not need to eat meat and meat products daily, our metabolism is not build for it. 2-3 times a week is plenty. There is protein in so many other products like eggs, cheese, yogurt, grains, pulses, nuts. Mix it up and lay off the sausages and bacon a bit.
5. Good fats are essential, coconut oil, cold olive oil, hemp oil, nuts, oily fish and avocado are great sources of the good ones. Take it easy on sunflower oil, vegetable oil and animal fats including butter. Avoid transfats completely and don’t use olive oil for frying or grilling.

Listen to your body, some intermittent fasting can help you reset your health and exercise will help you to maintain it. 


If you feel you need more personalised advice and guidance on healthy lifestyle, do not hesitate to contact me or check out my wellbeing coaching membership schemes.


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